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Colorado is a special place with special people. For too long, leaders have stood by while liberal special interest groups and politicians have turned Colorado into a testing ground for some of the most liberal policies and plans in the nation.

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln
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About Advance Colorado Academy

Advance Colorado Academy is committed to identifying, training, and connecting leaders in Colorado. Whether leaders are seeking a high profile role at the local or state level, a larger voice in the boardroom, or simply want to better advocate for their community or cause, Advance Colorado is the place to start.

Advance Colorado is a training ground for common sense leadership. Leaders will be given the necessary tools and resources to be successful CEOs, board members, elected officials, advocates, and community leaders.

Leaders will be trained in:

  • Organizational/Program Development
  • Communications Plans and Strategies
  • Fundraising and Donor Maintenance
  • Building Coalitions
  • Developing Policy Platforms

Advance Colorado New Leader Program

The Advance Colorado New Leader Program is the perfect opportunity for individuals seeking a leadership role at the local or state level, the boardroom, the classroom, or within their own neighborhood. New Leaders will take part in a 5-week program designed to motivate and sharpen the fundamental skills all leaders need to succeed. Participants will learn from and engage with a host of subject matter experts who can help promote leaders to the highest level of competence. New Leaders will also be given the opportunity to network with experts and elected officials who have seen the good, weathered the storms, and achieved success at all levels of leadership. At the conclusion of the 5-week program, New Leaders will be given access to a rich library of resources to continue on their road to success as well as become part of a robust network that will encourage and support them throughout their leadership journey.

Advance Colorado Ambassador Program

The Advance Colorado Ambassador Program is designed for individuals who want to engage and become better messengers and advocates locally, state-wide, and nationally. The ambassador program serves as an opportunity for individuals to explore the idea of whether public office may be right for them or if they are better suited for fierce support as an ambassador. Members of the Ambassador Program will participate in a 5-week program designed to inspire and provide the tools necessary to support the issues, initiatives, and people that they are passionate about. Experts in grassroots mobilization, communications, and more will share best practices and resources that will ensure great success for the strongest of ambassadors. At the conclusion of the programming, participants will be equipped with the resources and network they need and be given a variety of opportunities for engagement.

The Experts

Advance Colorado participants will learn from leading, conservative consultants, field organizers, communications specialists, fundraisers, media specialists, and elected officials who have been successful in their pursuits. Our experts have won in the courtroom of public opinion, on initiatives ranging from taxes to healthcare to local land-use and more, and on leadership races from city council, to the Governor’s mansion, to Congress, and beyond. Our experts know firsthand how to communicate and fundraise at the highest level and serve as key advisors to some of the top leaders across the state and nation. These experts will closely engage with our participants while also becoming part of the support network rallying behind New Leaders and Ambassadors for years to come.

Advance Colorado Difference

Advance Colorado recognizes that it is essential for 21st Century leaders to learn in innovative and exciting new ways. That is why Advance Colorado New Leaders and Ambassadors will be given the unique opportunity to learn through a series of engaging videos and in-person learning. Each week, participants will be provided access to three to four high energy videos conducted with our top-tier experts. After completing each video section, participants will be given the opportunity to put their learning into action through a series of engaging activities and a final, in-person wrap-up and networking debrief with the experts each Monday.


New Leader Program

Last Day to Submit an Application -- December 18, 2023

2024 Program Begins - January 15, 2024

Week 1: Organizational Strategies

Week 2: The Critical Role of Fundraising and Donor Maintenance

Week 3: The Keys to Successful Communications

Week 4: Building Coalitions

Week 5: The Art of Developing a Strong Platform

Ambassador Program

Last day to submit an application -- September 18, 2023

Program Begins -- September 25, 2023

Week 1: The Critical Role of Ambassadors and Developing a Grassroots Effort

Week 2: Communicating Effectively to Ensure a Positive Outcome

Week 3: Becoming an Effective Ambassador at the State Capitol -- Part 1

Week 4: Becoming an Effective Ambassador at the State Capitol -- Part 2

Week 5: Practice Makes Perfect – Boots on the Ground and Ready to Roll